Hudall App

Hudall is a digital product founded by myself and Danielle Shannon

Hudall is a digital product which enables Managers/CEOs/Directors/HR personal to create real time data collection questions (pulse check) which can be sent to company wide employees, middle managers or specific departments. Recipients can respond on a scale of 1-10 and this data is updated in real time allowing business decisions to be made efficiently and with accurate data. Using basic HR attributes including gender, age bracket, interests, job title and length of employment with the company, Hudall can analyse large data groups and make correlations between responses and these attributes.

As a founder of Hudall, I have been a core part of the process from the very start to finish (and beyond). This is been a huge learning curve as I have adapted to take on new skills and roles outside of the Digital Product Designer’s role that I am used to.

Hudall is currently in development for it’s first round of user testing 👏