Sophia Mary Mac is a digital product designer and illustrator. Rolled oats and medium sized dogs are of great importance to her. 

I am Sophia Mary Mac. I design thoughtfully towards purposeful and innovative human experience that influences social, behavioural and environmental change.

(I also draw things and am available for select projects and collaborations)



I am an Australian interdisciplinary designer with experience in digital product design, UI/UX and interactive design, art direction, branding and illustration.

I have 7 years industry experience  and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from QUT, majoring in Interactive and Visual Design & Advertising.  I have a background in digital and development, which has allowed my career to progress naturally towards UX/UI and interactive design, with a further focus on CX and service design.  

I also find a lot of happiness in freelancing as a illustrator/typographer, as well as exhibiting my work. You can find said work and WIP's in my Instagram feed below 👀.

CONTACT me on sophiamarymac(at)gmail.com  or  +614 2218 8811


2017  The Design Conference - Ironlak technical drawing class
2017  The Design Conference - Wacom digital drawing class
2017  The Design Conference - Panel Discussion

2017  Workshop - Upcoming workshops in BNE, SYD and MELB

2017  Ironlak - Upcoming workshops in BNE

2017  Australianarama (solo show) - Analogue Gallery (AUS)

2016  The Outpost 10th Bday - The Zoo (AUS)

2015  Fastplant - Kontraband Studios/No Comply Gallery (AUS)
2015  Greetings From - Workshop (AUS)
2015  I Used To Skate Once 11 - The Zoo/The Outpost (AUS)

2014  Jungle Heart - Southside Tearoom (AUS)
2014  I Used To Skate Once 10 - The Zoo/The Outpost (AUS)

2013  Ephemeral (solo show) - Scratch (AUS)
2013  I Used To Skate Once 9 - The Zoo/The Outpost (AUS)

2012  Interwoven - QUT (AUS)
2012  Lost Movements - Coniston Lane (AUS)
2012  Bleached Gallery - The Box (AUS)
2012  I Used to Skate Once 8 - The Zoo/The Outpost (AUS)

QUT Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interactive Design & Advertising)
QCA Bachelor of Fine Arts

Digital Product Design
UX/UI Design
Interactive Design
Digital Design
Art Direction